In the 2013, Kaohsiung Medical University’s Psychology Department fostered the growth of the Positive Psychology Center. At the start of 2012, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE) Kaohsiung contacted the Psychology Department in hopes of adding a mental health portion to the employee health check-ups. Brought together by Director Kun-Yuan, professors and students collaborated together on this project. While the project came to an end, the passion for Positive Psychology did not, and students who wanted a deeper understanding of the subject formed a book club, discussing books and papers associated with the subject. After a series of debates, they realized a common goal: to apply what they have read into daily life and spread happiness among their friends and family. A group of six graduate students and three professors designed a six-week course, “An Introduction to Positive Psychology,” which is open to any KMU student each semester. Gaining more attention and enrolling more and more students each semester, the teachers and students were invited to speak to different clubs and departments. Seeing the popularity in the subject, the Psychology Department head applied for the formation of the Positive Psychology Center. Finally in February of 2014, the Positive Psychology Center was formally established and given its home at CS828 at KMU.

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