Curriculum Design

        The professors involved with the Center have all designed classes related to Positive Psychology, such as: “Introduction to Positive Psychology,” “Practicum in Positive Psychology,” “Special Topics in Positive Psychology,” “Research and Practicum in Positive Psychology,” “Character Strengths and Virtues,” etc. The undergraduate students involved have started workshops with the high school near by, while graduate students focused on the development and adaptations to the workshops with the nursing departments. As the Center continues to grow and take on more projects, a new program style was developed in training the students to become teaching assistants. Split into four levels: S, A, B, and C, the Seed Program allows for the students to be trained at different levels based on their understanding of the program. This allows for a better organization of how the students are trained as they can only progress to the next step after they have mastered the material at their current level. Between 2014-2016, the Center has trained 7 individuals into the A category, 8 in B, and 5 in C. Additionally, this method has been implemented into the curriculum itself, training the participants of the workshops as a group of seeds that will eventually return to their daily lives and share what they have learned with their peers and following up with these “seeds” with seminars to help them grow and hear back from their experiences. (In 2013, the Center hosted 15 of these seminars.) In the future, the Center hopes to train a group of graduate students into qualified Positive Psychologists.

















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