Public Promotion

        Within the Center, professors and students alike set their goal as spreading Positive Psychology in hopes of helping themselves and others find happiness. This section of the Center focuses primarily in finding different methods to project both the practical and the theoretical knowledge of Positive Psychology to different groups of people. Learning from the winter and summer camps held for high school students and the Teaching and Learning Excellence Program at KMU, the team is constantly editing, refining and polishing the content as well as the teaching method to demonstrate to their peers how to find the joy in their lives.

        Another main part of this committee is an annual twelve-week gratitude workshop, which received great evaluations from the participating nurses from at a KMU affiliated hospital. In additions to the more advanced one for the supervisors, an elementary version of this program was designed for the other nurses in the department. With a better mentality in approaching their work, the nurses are able to empathize more with the patients, represent the hospital as a quality hospital, and create better relationships overall, benefiting themselves, the patients, the hospital and KMU. This workshop is a part of the Happiness Series Workshops, which has a goal of training individuals to keep a positive lifestyle, strengthening not only their knowledge in Positive Psychology but also their happiness.

        The Public Promotion section has established a Facebook page dedicated to the Center, as well as a blog with posts from the members on popular science topics regarding the subject. Both of these were created in hopes of allowing a wider audience to be able to attain more information about Positive Psychology. Also, the students and professors have worked to translate international media reports on Psychology into Chinese and colloquialize the scholarly essays so that the general public can easily understand the concepts associated with Positive Psychology.





















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